Billboards plastered with thinning paper, tired of the weight of layers of advertisements. Stolen words, stitched paws of cut up canvas, brittle boned monster lying in wait in a cardboard bed, bird houses not fit for purpose. Utilising the materials at hand, Anastasia Parkin’s work explores the artist’s position as a woman in a new city through various interactions with extra – human species within the city’s boundaries. Power plays and puns produce layers material and meaning. Humour and pain sit so closely that occasionally humour must pull his jacket out from under the bottom of pain. Pain winces and turns to the window when humour laughs so as not to catch his spittle. The way that a bird seeks refuge in a bird box mimics the all too known dash to a corner shop to evade being followed. On second glance, it mimics something worse, a desire for safety and shelter that is not fully realised. Packaging solutions, utilitarian storage choices, the fragility of housing: these contentious issues of city living are alluded to by the artist’s practice.

Die Vernissage zur Ausstellung findet am Samstag den 24. Februar 2024 um 14 Uhr in der Rochusstraße 32, 55116 Mainz statt.